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6 Great Ways to Compare Moving Companies:

  • Compare movers prices

In many of our articles you can read our advice to check out several moving companies’ ratings, reviews and prices and to compare them. But what exactly does comparing mean and why would you need that? Lots of people who intend to move don’t pay enough attention to this important factor and consequently they risk hiring movers with whose work they’re not going to be happy. There are a few basic factors to have in mind when comparing moving companies and if you take them into consideration, you will significantly increase the chance of finding a reliable, professional mover for your relocation. Nobody wants scammers or irresponsible moving labor, right? Well, here’s how to avoid unpleasant situations with moving companies during your next move.

Comparing Moving Companies

Whether you are moving locally, long distance or internationally, making a moving company comparison is important for your home’s safe move. Here’s how to find out which mover can offer the best services to you.

Their presence on the internet.It may seem like an obvious thing, but to many people it isn’t. If a mover is reliable and trustworthy, the company will want as many people to know about it as possible, and what better way to do this than going online and creating a website? This is a sign that the moving company isn’t hiding anything. In their website you should see their name, address, phone numbers and other contact details, plus their USDOT, MC, etc. numbers. Of course, usually movers add on pages with positive feedback from customers, details on what services they offer, lists with packing materials and their costs, if they sell any. A scammer wouldn’t usually have a website. Companies that strive to show they are worth hiring will do their best to convince you through their website.

Compare the quotes by movers in order to find out which is more affordable and save money!
The service. Once you contact a mover, they will be helpful, kind and ready to answer every question you have. If you ask them about the moving company services, they will let you know; if you wish to see their office and the moving trucks, you will be welcome. A scammer wouldn’t have an office at all. On the other hand, a reliable mover would be happy to show you their office and where your household goods will be uploaded. In this way you can have confidence in the moving company.
Moving labor. The moving labor has to be experienced and well trained. If the moving company personnel is new, how and when did they got their training? Usually movers provide regular trainings to their staff but since these are going to be the people handling your house or apartment belongings, it is your right to ask and to make sure they will be doing this job well.
The USDOT number. Checking the USDOT number of a mover is important because it will give you information about how a moving company does its job. That is why before we ask you to compare movers quotes, we usually advice you to check the numbers in the system of the FMCSA. You can do this here. The USDOT number gives information like number of accidents, number of available trucks and drivers, general reliability assessment, etc.
Read reviews. Here is a list with the top websiteswhere you could find moving company reviews. Reading reviews when you want to compare moving options that you have is a great way to learn how professional a mover is. Since reviews are written by people who have moved, people like you, they will describe the work and generally the services provided by a removal firm. If the majority of the reviews are positive, then you may have come to the right moving company to ask for an estimate.

Before you sign a moving contract, take into consideration the tips in this article in order to make a better choice!
Compare movers quotes. This is the final thing to be done. Compare moving company prices after asking for a quote. Whether you needs pods, you want to move a motor vehicle, you are interested in storage, etc., the quotes are a great way for comparing movers because they give you information about the expected cost of your move. When you compare movers and packers’ quotes, you will find out which one has fair prices and which companies charge expensively compared to the others. Just be careful and beware of low-ball estimates – usually scammers give very low quotes and once you sign the moving contract, it comes out that many of the moving services you need are not included in the quote and sometimes extra taxes come up unexpectedly. Compare movers quotes before making your choice is something that will allow you to take a step in avoiding a possibly unpleasant situation that may take place if you choose a mover offering you a quote much lower than the other movers.

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