Thursday, May 22, 2014

Moving Day Tips You Can’t Live Without:

You have probably already received a lot of moving advice regarding packing and picking the right movers, but do you know what to expect from moving day? If this is your first move then you are likely a little unsure of how the day will unfold. If you have moved before, but felt yourself frazzled halfway through, then you are likely trying to decide what you need to do different this time around. These moving day tips are sure to come in handy, and they will help ensure that your move is a positive experience.
Don’t Oversleep
Hopefully you started packing weeks in advance, so you are not up all night throwing things in boxes. You need a good night of rest, but you do not want to oversleep. In fact, you want to get up earlier than usual, so you can enjoy breakfast and pack the last toiletries, plates, etc., that you use in the morning. You do not want to be awakened by your movers pounding at the door. Starting your day in a panicked state is no good.
Dress Appropriately
Even if a person you just started dating is coming to help you unpack, this is not the day when you want to try to look fashionable. You need comfortable clothes and shoes. If your shoes have laces consider double-knotting them to make sure they do not come untied for you to trip over.
Sitter for of Kids and Pets
Your moving day will go so much smoother, if you do not have any kids or pets around. If you move on a school day then you do not have to worry about the older kids. If you have a baby, see if a family member will babysit. Chances are very good that they will be eager to. Pets can be very stressed by change, so actually watching people move their belongings can be quite traumatic. If you can find somewhere for them to go for a few hours, this is ideal.
Plan Ahead for Food and Drinks
You never know how long the move will take, so it is best to be prepared with food and drinks. You are not going to want to go grocery shopping right away, so some snacks will at least keep your energy level up until you order pizza or get takeout later. Pick up a box of organic granola bars and some apples. You will also want bottles of water to hand out to everyone, including your movers. If it is cold, fill a thermos with coffee.
Have Cash for a Tip
You may be paying your bill with credit card, check, or money order, but you will want to have cash handy to tip your movers with. If you are like most, you are a little confused in this area. How much should you tip movers? Well, it will depend on the number of movers and services. In most cases, it will average around $30 per mover, but significantly more if you have a lot of very heavy items they did a phenomenal job with.
Be Comfortable with Paperwork
Make sure you know what paperwork your mover should supply you with and what you should actually be signing. Take the time to check the bill of lading, and report damage or loss right away. Important moving advice to remember is to never sign anything you do not understand or are not comfortable with.

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